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About Zoncent Technology
    Tianjing Zoncent Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company, located in one of the most prosperous area in Wuqing District-----the Zhongxin Square, whose main business concerns all intelligence technology (IT) fields and surrounding services, also serving as the general agent in this area of the famous branded toner cartridge company, the Forever Technology Co.,Ltd. More specific business includes computer hardware and software selling, website building, monitoring project, consumables, computer system integrating, software developing, technology services, Internet services and computer network engineering, personal computer assembling and maintaining, network checking, local network and ADSL and sharing network building, monitor and printer maintaining, laptop and main board keeping, computer upgrading, visiting maintenance and other services. Zoncent Technolgoy consists of a unyielding and powerful technical service and sales group. With earnest heart and creational spirit, we stick to our principle of business, that being teamwork, cooperation, exploitation as well as development, to bring together all our aligned manufacturers and cooperators. To service whole-heartedly and to fulfill our cause with all spirit is the longstanding service ideology planted in Zoncent Technology. We deem at every moment the utmost priority of our customers as our central care to developing. By injecting large amount of human and material resources, we unrelentingly conclude and accumulate via practices and have established a strict, standard, sufficient way of service managing and matured management system. We have a high-quality and high-level professional service team, with a flexible and versatile servicing mode and a complete and effective service supervising system. All of these work in all spheres to guarantee the stability, safety as well as efficiency of both enterprise and home computer system. We have accomplished the transformation from the negatively servicing to a positive one, meeting the specific needs of each customer, keeping track of the effect of our service all the way along while optimizing the functioning of our system. We have successfully forged our service with the characteristic of distinctive personalization, winning the support from numerous customers and praise widely from all spheres.
    Hitherto, the number of computers Zoncent Technology have maintained has surpassed one thousand, with clients from Wuqing district and surrounding areas. Prospecting into the future, we will continue to cater our clients with high quality and efficiency yet low standard of charging, and to strengthen our management of services, refreshing our look to compete in the market and feeding back our clients with creational services. We are determined to become a second-to-none professionalized IT company in this area.


What can we do for you?

Computer services
Concerning the maintenance of different desktops, laptops, printers, the cleansing of laptops, the keeping of network and surveillance system; home service offered within the urban area.

Products on sale
Various branded computers, Compatible machines, laptops, networking products, computer peripherals, multimedia products, consumables, office supplies for both wholesale or retail.

Agented products
Dell (including all series, the desktops, laptops, servers, consumables), as the agent; Zotac graphics card all series, as the distributor in Wuqing; Forever toner cartridge, as the agent in Wuqing.

Program undertaking
Including network arrangement; surveillance project; cyber cfé engineering on planning and implementation.

Website building
Different large to small websites on planning and implementation; domain name registering; virtual host(domestically or in Hongkong); host deposition; maintenance, safety surveillance, and  supervision of websites; research and development of independent network application system; ICP agent filing.

Network propagating
Propagation on paid listing on websites of Baidu or Google; Alibaba TrustPass services.


We carry out on-site retrieval on toner cartridges. (Urban Wuqing district)

  1. Requirements

The toner cartridges to be retrieved have to be genuine authentic without being filled with powder, disassembled and reassembled, as well as other reuses.

  1. Price

The retrieval price is in accordance with the concurrent market price. Please call for any enquiry,

  1. Types

Regulation is adjusted to the need of market concerning the types of reclaiming. Please call for any enquiry.

Contact us by the telephone number: 13072233609


Connecting Us

Store in Zhongxin Square

Address: D-17 on 3rd floor, Fashion street, Zhongxinsquare, Yang Village, Wuqing District, Tianjin city
Mail Code: 301700
Tel: 022-59692199
Mobile Phone: 13820771911
Fax: 022-22201556


Store in Sheng Shi Hua Ting

Address: Beside the Agricultural bank of China, on the crossroad between the Xingquan Road and Qiangguo Road, Wuqing district, Tianjing
Mail Code: 301700
Mobile Phone: 13512053782


Store in Yongmei Digital Square

Address: D-6 on 2nd flood, Yongmei Digital Square, Beizhen, Yang Village, Wuqing district, Tianjing
Mail Code: 301700
Tel: 022-59624433
Mobile Phone: 13072233609